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Featured case: Ferrari: Valuing the Prancing Horse
After 12 weeks of public trading, Ferrari’s share price had slid nearly 30%. Was the iconic sports car manufacturer a one-trick pony as many analysts suggested? Had the market seen the trick?
23 January 2017
Naked Wines
Featured case:
By September 2014 it was becoming clear that NakedWine’s long-time principal investor could no longer fund its future growth. The company was running out of cash – what was the solution?
23 January 2017
Featured case: Pricing the EpiPen: This is Going to Sting
Mylan increased the price of its EpiPen by more than three and a half times and Congress was asking tough questions. The CEO was facing a media firestorm. What should she do?
23 January 2017
Nuestros Amigos
Featured case: With a Little Help from “Nuestros Amigos”: Hispanics and Kidney Transplants
Hispanic transplant patients faced unique barriers. The apparent ‘solution’ of an interpreter had proved almost wholly inadequate. Could a comprehensive programme be put in place that would address these complexities?
23 January 2017
Assess Participation
Assessing participation in case classes
In the second of two articles, we continue to explore how educators worldwide approach assessing student participation in class, and share their hints and tips for best practice in this challenging area.
23 January 2017
Gina Vega
5 minutes with …
Meet Gina Vega, Founder and President of Organizational Ergonomics, who reveals her biggest inspiration, her favourite quote, and why she believes the case method is so important in business education.
23 January 2017