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Queenstown, New Zealand
Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands
George Washington University, US
The case method and school rankings
The case method and school rankings
What criteria are used to rank business schools and can teaching or writing cases contribute in any way? Can using cases help to boost a school’s ranking? We explore the issues in our in-depth feature.
22 June 2015
5 minutes with…
5 minutes with…
Meet Guy Pfeffermann, Founder and CEO of the Global Business School Network, who reveals some fascinating insights, including a surprising inspirational figure and the achievements he’s most proud of in his career so far.
22 June 2015
Featured cases: New ESSEC IRENE collection
Featured case: New ESSEC IRENE collection
We explore an exciting new case collection being launched by ESSEC’s Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation, known as IRENE, which means ‘peace’ in Greek. The cases cover teaching negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution.
22 June 2015
Bread for the Chinese
Featured case: Bread for the Chinese
A great product and a huge potential market. What could go wrong? Find out why selling western baked goods to the Chinese proved so difficult – and the three essentials for doing business in China.
22 June 2015
Featured case: CULT Girl
Featured case: CULT Girl
Should scantily clad women be employed to sell products? Are customers being taken advantage of or exploited? What limits, if any, should a marketing strategy have? And who decides what those limits should be?
22 June 2015
Featured cases: Firing a Hero? and It’s Bank Policy!
Featured cases: Firing a Hero? and It’s Bank Policy!
You’ll love these brilliant comic book cases based on real-life events that took place at two banks. Easy and enjoyable to read – but don’t be fooled. These are highly complex issues with no easy answers.
22 June 2015
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