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Range of cases

Over 56,100 cases on all aspects of national and international business and management are available from The Case Centre.

The Case Centre is the only place where you can access all the major case collections from leading international business schools (see below) as well as those of smaller schools and cases written by individual authors.

Most cases are in English, with about 5000 cases also available in another language. Learn more about what a case is

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Bestselling cases

Bestselling cases

Browse through our 2015 bestsellers and find some fresh inspiration for your classroom teaching. Find out more

Classic cases

Classic cases

Over a third of the cases sold by The Case Centre are more than ten years old. Discover our classic collection and find out why some exceptional cases stand the test of time. Find out more

Compact cases

Russian doll

Compact cases are short cases of five pages or fewer. They cover a wide range of business issues and market sectors and can be used with any type of class. The very best can produce the same in-depth analyses and high-calibre classroom discussions as longer cases. Compact can be just as complex! Find out more

Free cases

Free cases

We offer a range of high-quality free cases produced by prestigious schools and organisations across the globe. These collections include a number of cases that cover specialist and niche topics. Find out more



We have hundreds of cases that have been translated into a wide range of languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and French. Find out more


Instructor materials

The Case Centre also distributes a range of instructor materials designed to support the case teacher. 

Case collections

Click on a collection name to find out more.
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