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Cuganesan, S. (Macquarie International, Macquarie University); Ford, G. (Macquarie International, Macquarie University); Khan, H. (Macquarie International, Macquarie University)
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22 pages
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Field research
The managing director of an Australian Recruitment Services company (Manpower Australia) was in the middle of engineering a performance turnaround. Faced with an increasingly competitive industry and the erosion of profit margins, a new strategy had been developed. However, communicating new strategic priorities, executing these and aligning the organisation to the new business drivers required new management systems. To this end, strategy maps and the balanced scorecard (BSC) were implemented. Furthermore, a cascading implementation process was adopted. The case describes the development and implementation of a strategy map for Manpower Australia and the BSC. It also reports on perspectives of employees about the benefits of the BSC and its process of implementation, as well as the problems and challenges encountered. Concludes with the senior executives reflecting on how they are using the BSC in their management processes and how this could be improved to guide and refine strategic thinking even further.
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