Case collection: Brands Whisper’g

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About Brands Whisper’g

The Brands Whisper'g® project idea was initiated and developed by Dr. Nukhet Vardar as a result of her teaching experience, with the aim of bridging the gap between business and academia. Her aim was to teach relevant information for business life; while making business studies easier and attractive for students. It was developed as a web and video-based e-textbook in 2016, by following the internationally accepted Marketing curriculum. It uses 'reality learning' and ‘dilemma training’ via problem/solution method; covering chapters of a Marketing textbook with the help of video cases. Brands Whisper’g® is innovative because it:

  • turns video cases into core teaching materials
  • reverses the order of teaching (lectures start with real life video cases, written by lecturers, narrated by executives)
  • covers theory at the end.

Brands Whisper'g® was first launched in Turkey in March 2016 as Markalar Fısıldıyor ( The project went international in 2018 through the efforts of Dr. Vardar’s London-based edtech company in the UK - El Izi Communications Consultancy U.K. Ltd.

A team of eight people work on the project. The writing up of cases on Marketing and project co-ordination, is carried out by Dr Vardar. Furthermore, a professional production company undertakes video shoots and postproduction, with a webmaster, social media manager, professional translators and international voice artists making the project happen. 

Markalar Fısıldıyor ® is a registered trademark of El Izi Istanbul, Turkey and Brands Whisper’g ® is a registered trademark of El Izi London, UK under UK00003230777.

About the collection

Brands Whisper'g® is a digital video case library which initially started as an open source in Turkey under the Markalar Fısıldıyor® brand name in March 2016 ( Subsequently, English versions of original video cases were introduced under the Brands Whisper’g® name in 2018, being distributed by The Case Centre ever since.

Brands Whisper’g® is a web and video-based Marketing e-textbook, covering each chapter with the help of stand-alone video cases. Each video case is based on a real-life problem that the brand/company has faced. These real-life problems are scripted by a lecturer and then, they are narrated by the actual marketing executive of the company. Therefore, the subject is explained by top executives, using their chosen brand as an example, which gives the series its uniqueness.

Following the executive video, the textbook information for that specific chapter is covered by the lecturer, with the help of a Q&A session. These Q&As are included both in the form of written teaching notes and as knowledge clips. Since 2016, the collection has been expanding with the addition of new video cases, each having written cases, written teaching notes and accompanying knowledge clips. All cases are based on primary data collected from companies as well as desk research. They have been tested with undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Brands Whisper'g® video cases are drawn from international brands and well-known household names in Turkey such as Ford Trucks, McDonald’s, CarrefourSA, Unilever’s Axe (Lynx), P&G’s Orkid (Always), Ipragaz (SHV), Mey Diageo, Opet,, Dalin, Arzum, Bridgestone Sabanci Brisa and the like. Therefore, those who watch the video cases get a chance to learn about marketing through brands and their real-life experiences. Some topics covered are: Market diversification, competitive advantage (through AI), market research, segmentation, targeting, positioning, creating a new brand, product standardisation, communication, social responsibility campaigns, digitalisation of sales forces. 

Furthermore, in 2018, Brands Whisper’g® also initiated an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project, titled “Open Access Digital Video Case Library for Teaching International Business” for expanding the same pedagogy, this time to International Business curriculum, together with four reputable European universities. As a result, the pedagogy was tested for International Business after Marketing and with pan European partners. For IB video cases visit:

Collection contact

For any queries related to the Brands Whisper'g case collection, please contact:

Nukhet Vardar

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Available from The Case Centre

The Brands Whisper'g collection of video cases, their written versions, and their accompanying instructor materials (written and audio versions), is available from The Case Centre. 

Brands Whisper'g materials are also available as part of our Undergraduate Case Teaching Licence and discounted pricing scheme for members in developing countries

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