What is available to students?

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We provide access to a range of services and products designed with students in mind.

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The collection

Students can browse our collection of cases, management journal articles and book chapters, and buy access to most items, with the exception of those restricted to instructors only (e.g. teaching notes).

Buying teaching materials

Using our online product search students can buy copies of items in the collection for personal and research purposes. To take advantage of the discounted educational rate items must be accessed via a CoursePack created by your university.


CoursePacks are online collections of course-specific materials available for instant download at a time and place that suits your study schedule.

CoursePacks are created by your university and will include all the materials your course instructor has selected for your course. These may be cases, articles, book chapters, and your course instructor’s own materials. Your course instructor may also add notes to your learning materials.

Your university decides if the CoursePack is SchoolPay (they pay for your access to the course materials) or StudentPay (you pay for your access to the course materials).

If your organisation has paid in advance (SchoolPay) you'll simply download the materials you need.

If you need to buy your course materials (StudentPay), you will benefit from the substantially reduced educational rate ($4.50/€4.90/£3.80 if your organisation is a member, or $5.40/€5.75/£4.40 if your organisation is a non-member) on each item you download. You will not have to pay for any free materials included in your CoursePack.

Your course instructor will tell you how to access your CoursePack. You can then download the materials as and when you need them during your course.

Spread the word

Is your university using CoursePacks? Make sure they know about this fast, easy and flexible way to create comprehensive CoursePacks for students. Download this flyer to spread the word!

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