EFMD Case Writing Competition 2004

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European categories

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sponsored by Instituto de Empresa

The Co-operative Group-Fair Trade Chocolate
Chris Voss and Stephanie Robertson
London Business School 
Reference no. 704-056-1


Sponsored by EM Lyon

Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Yukos: Man with a Rouble
Manfred Kets de Vries, Konstantin Korotov, Stanislav Shekshnia and Elizabeth Florent-Treacy
Reference no. 805-020-1

Family Business 

Sponsored by IMD International Institute for Management Development

The HP-Compaq Merger: A Battle for the Heart and Soul of a Company
Elizabeth Florent-Treacy and Randel S. Carlock
Reference no. 306-233-1, 306-234-1, 306-235-1, 306-236-1

Knowledge Management and Learning in Organisations

Sponsored by ESADE - Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresa

No prize was awarded for this category

Managing Risk

Sponsored by Toulouse Business School, Groupe ESC Toulouse

Justin Wilson PLC: Financing a Formular One Rising Star (A) and (B)
Benoît Leleux
Reference no. IMD-1-0206, IMD-1-0207


Sponsored by ESIC

Lluis G. Renart, Francesc Parés and Laureano Berasategui
Reference no. M-1173-E

Unilever in Brazil: Marketing Strategies for Low-Income Consumers
Pierre Chandon, INSEAD
Pedro Pacheco Guimaraes, McKinsey & Co.
Reference no. 504-009-1

Supply Chain Management

Sponsored by ISLI-Institute for Supply Chain Excellence -Bordeaux Business School

Numico (A): Delivering Innovation Through the Supply Chain
Numico (B): Transforming the Supply Chain to Support New Realities
Carlos Cordon, Thomas Vollmann and Luis Vivance
Reference no. IMD-6-0264 and IMD-6-0266

Corporate category

Corporate Coaching

Sponsored by EFMD

Helen Ramsay: A Mediation Attempt
Jean-François Manzoni and Jean-Louis Barsoux
Reference no. 404-083-1

Special categories

Emerging Chinese Global Competitors

Sponsored by EFMD

Alcatel in China: Business as an Adventure
William Fischer, IMD
Katherine Xin, CEIBS
Denis F. Simon, Levin Institute, SUNY
Janet Carmosky
Reference no. IMD-3-1301

Euro-Mediterranean Managerial Practices and Issues

Sponsored by Euro-Med Marseille, Ecole de Management

Dubai Internet City: Serving Business
Jacques Horovitz and Anne-Valérie Ohlsson
Reference no. IMD-5-0632

Indian Management Issues and Opportunities

Sponsored by The Aditya Birla India Centre at London Business School, UK

Tata Tea Limited (A), (B) & (C)
Amitava Chattopadhay
Reference no. 503-064-1, 503-065-1 and 503-066-1

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