Delivery of our materials via your course area or eReader app

This service provides students with a seamless experience when accessing course materials via your secure course area and/or eReader app.

In what format are materials accessed?

The materials accessed by students are pdf files. Each item is sidenoted with the course details provided during the ordering process (tutor, course title, course start and end dates).

Will my students need to login to the material?

No technical Digital Rights Management software (eg protectedpdf) is applied to the material so, once they’ve logged in to your secure course area or eReader app, your students can access our material without an additional user name and password.

How does The Case Centre provide the material?

We provide a link to each item purchased for this service. The link should be used on the course area and/or eReader app for students to click on to access each file. Two weeks after the course has finished the link automatically expires making it easier for you to manage copyright requirements.

Where can I post the links?

You can post links on any type of course area platform, for example Blackboard and Moodle, as long as it is secure, password protected, and accessible only to individuals using their unique login details.

What are the technical requirements?

  • Your course area and/or eReader app must be secure, password protected and only accessible to individuals using their unique login details
  • Only the links provided by us may be used on the course area and/or eReader app, students/participants must click the link to access the pdf file from our server
  • Links to material are accessible only by students/participants currently enrolled in the course that materials were purchased for, as well as the faculty and staff involved in the teaching and administration of the course
  • Links to material are not accessible by a given student/participant on a given course for a period longer than six months
  • Your system must be able to report on individual access to the course area and/or eReader app
  • Access to the course area and/or eReader app may be requested by The Case Centre.
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