Video clips from the Prendismo Collection

Staff at our member organisations receive free access to video clips from the Prendismo Collection.

What’s available?

The Prendismo Collection offers over 15,000 2-minute clips from experts covering over 200 topics on business, leadership and entrepreneurship. The standard Prendismo Collection annual subscription fee is $30 for an individual and $2,500 for a university but with membership of The Case Centre this facility is free for all staff at your organisation.

What can I do with the video clips?

The video clips can be streamed for free from the Prendismo site for personal use or use in the classroom. Should you wish to download a clip, or embed it in a presentation, the standard Prendismo per clip rate applies.

How do I get access?

Find out if your organisation is a member

Member organisations

If your organisation is already a member of The Case Centre:

  • to your individual user account (or register for one)
  • go to the ‘Get more from us’ section (top right on the my account options page), click the ‘Find out more >’ link
  • click the unique URL to the ‘Prendismo collection’ from the membership information page
  • register with Prendismo and start accessing their clips.

Non-member organisations

To benefit from this service your organisation will need to become a member of The Case Centre. Find out more
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