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Case from journal
Reference no. JIACS10-01-02
Compact case
Published by:
Allied Business Academies (2004)
in "Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies"
5 pages
Data source:
Field research


Jim Abbott, an Executive Vice President of Bank USA, has just learned that his employer has entered into merger discussions with a large bank conglomerate. If the deal is consummated, Jim will be required to relocate and will likely have a change in his job responsibility and reporting relationship. Jim and his wife Mary have recently completed the construction of a multi-million dollar home on the lake. They are extremely active in the community so the prospects of relocating are unappealing. Accordingly, they've scheduled a meeting with Rick Johnson and Mike Davis of Wealth Management, Inc to assess their finances and to determine if Jim is in position to retire one year from now if the merger is affected Time value of money is the primary subject matter of this case. Students are asked to apply time value of money techniques in a retirement planning scenario. Thus, they will be able to see a practical application of present and future value concepts. The case is appropriate for the first undergraduate course in financial management. It can also be used in a graduate survey course. The case is designed to be covered in one 50-minute class period and will likely require 2-3 hours of outside student preparation. Familiarity with a financial function calculator could significantly reduce students' preparation time.


Time value of money; Retirement planning; Present and future value concepts; Financial management

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