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Case from journal
Reference no. JIACS10-05-10
Published by:
Allied Business Academies (2004)
in "Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies"
13 pages
Data source:
Field research


This case describes the development, implementation, and results of a Fortune 500 company's risk assessment process. Some information about the company has been altered due to the company's request for anonymity. However, the detailed descriptions of the risk assessment process and the risks identified by management are factual. The newly hired Director of Internal Audit Services in this case already had seven years of experience managing external audits for a major international public accounting firm. The company had been one of his audit clients, so he was very familiar with their internal controls and financial reporting procedures. He was hired to develop a comprehensive internal control program to comply with the COSO Report (1992). His first step was to develop a process of risk assessment. This case describes the design and implementation of that risk assessment process. This case addresses the risk assessment process in the internal audit function. The level of difficulty is four. The case should require about three hours of classroom time for coverage and students should expect to spend another three to four hours in preparation time outside class. This case is designed to be used in an accounting information systems or auditing course, graduate or undergraduate. In order for students to learn how to audit a client's risk assessment process, they must first gain a detailed understanding of that process. This case has been developed to provide exposure to an actual company's risk assessment process and thereby provide guidance for this understanding.


Risk assessment process; Audit function; Accounting information systems

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