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Reference no. 9B15CC024
Simplified Chinese language
Compact case
Published by:
Ivey Publishing (2015)
Revision date:
5 pages
Data source:
Field research


This is a Simplified Chinese version. Two employees at 8SK Consulting, a major firm with 800 staff in five divisions, need to find a way to manage their leader effectively. A junior hire who is ready to take on more responsibility in order to advance her career is frustrated - although her leader has previously played an important role as her mentor and guide in the company, he now seems to be in the way of her promotion to more important positions. A senior quality specialist wants to refuse an offered team leader role, because of family concerns, but is worried how that may disappoint her boss and how it might affect not only hers but his career. How can these employees effectively and proactively manage a leader in order to reach personal and career goals?.


Career stages; Persuasion; Decision-making styles; Negotiation; Organizational behaviour/leadership

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