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Reference no. 516-0007-1
Subject category: Marketing
Sanjeev Singh (Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB)); Sushil Chaurasia (Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB))
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Telephonic Inc is a 2000 members' strong organization, headquartered at Mumbai,India. It provided different internet plans to customers and provided network connectivity as well. Telephonic Inc's network was considered to be very sound and its connectivity was widespread across India. But in recent times the company faced some tough situations due to cut throat competition and availability of several alternatives. Because of it, the company decided to select customer carefully and maintain the relationship with them for longer duration. Rachit, the Nation Head of the company was given the task to quantify the customer lifetime value of customers. Based on the outcome of Rachit's study, the company was willing to invest more on the customers from which more value could be generated. He started with categorising different customers who were using the internet services provided by his company and then proceed further. In order to find out about the opportunities, Rachit was going through different reports published by reliable sources. Through these reports he came to know that India is going to be second largest internet using population by 2015 with 370 million users. He considered all of them as his potential customers, but as per the reports of the marketing research team he came to know that the companies' market share was almost 10% i all the segments. He got a lot of input from his colleagues, existing company records and research survey and now he has to take a decision regarding investment on different customer segments.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Customer lifetime value (CLV); Customer lifetime value analysis; Customer relationship building
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