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INSEAD (2017)
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31 pages
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This case explores the changes wrought by the 'sharing economy', examining the innovations and controversies surrounding the online ride-hailing service Uber. It provides a unique overview of the challenges posed by new business models like Uber's, which use the internet to link individual providers of goods and services to customers. Raising significant economic, social and environmental sustainability issues, it asks: what are the responsibilities of 'sharing economy' companies? More specifically, are they merely 'technological platforms' facilitating transactions for private individuals or do they have the same responsibilities as real-world companies such as transportation businesses, hotels and employment agencies?

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This item is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


Sharing economy; Sustainability; Corporate social responsibility; Digital economy; Digital disruption; New business models; Labour rights; Consumer safety; Business regulation; Taxi companies; Corporate governance; Investors, Stakeholders and accountability
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