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Amity Research Centers (2019)
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In a scenario where employers were coming up with creative ways to retain their workers, Amazon had found an innovative way to send its employees to other employers. The online retailer paid 95% of the tuition fee for employees to pursue courses in high demand fields such as nursing, pharmacy or IT irrespective of its relevance to Amazon jobs. The program was one of the many benefits offered by Amazon in order to attract high-quality talent looking to advance their careers either at Amazon or beyond. Through the initiative named Amazon Career Choice, the company helped in removing the barriers for employees by doing the homework for them to find the high-demand careers in their locality. In addition to funding these areas of study, Amazon also worked with local colleges. Initiatives such as the Career Choice Program were expected to alleviate the negative image earned by Amazon in the past due to its strict performance targets and unfriendly HR policies. Would the Career Choice Program continue to iron out the wrinkles in the image of the online giant?

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Amazon; Jeff Bezos; Blue collar workers; Fulfillment centres; Warehouses; HR policies; Rank and yank system; Performance management; Digital taylorism; Frederick Taylor; Employee benefits; Amazon career choice; Pivot; Amazon pay to quit


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