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Reference no. 503-035-1
Subject category: Marketing
Published by:
IBS Center for Management Research (2003)
16 pages
Data source:
Published sources


The case examines the marketing strategies (including advertising, positioning, distribution and promotion) adopted by Indian textile major, Raymond Ltd, for its flagship fabric brand, Raymonds, and its men''s ready-to- wear brands, Park Avenue and Parx. This case provides a detailed account of the company''s brand building strategies and the role of advertising in making a brand successful. It also examines the initiatives taken by the company to retain its market position in the early 2000s in light of the declining growth in the fabric market and increased competition in the men''s ready-to-wear segment. The case explores the results and effectiveness of the changed marketing strategies. The case is structured to enable students to: (1) understand the importance of advertising in building a brand; (2) examine the strategies employed by Raymond to establish itself as a major player in the men''s ready-to-wear segment; (3) understand the importance of having effective distribution channels for the success of a business; (4) understand Raymond''s new strategies, with reference to new product launches, brand acquisitions and brand repositioning; and (5) discuss the future prospects of Raymond in light of the declining growth in fabric market and increasing competition in the ready-to-wear market. The case is aimed at MBA/PGDBA students, and is intended to be part of the marketing management curriculum. The teaching note does not contain an analysis of the case.


Raymond; The complete man advertisement campaign; Brand building; Park Avenue; Parx
Other setting(s):
Late 1990s to 2002

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