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INSEAD (2003)
20 pages
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Field research


This is the second of a two-case series (603-020-1 and 103-057-1). The (B) case focuses on the performance measurement tools that Sainsbury''s has implemented to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its supplier relations. It describes the internal information system that provides up-to-date performance data on suppliers as well as an Internet- enabled system aimed at sharing daily supply chain information with suppliers. The case also demonstrates how a performance assessment tool called the Global Scorecard helps Sainsbury''s and its suppliers identify opportunities for jointly improving their interface. The teaching objectives are: (1) to illustrate state-of-the-art information systems aimed at measuring and managing supplier performance in a retail context; and (2) to discuss how retailers and suppliers can work together to improve the efficiency of their interface and strengthen their relationship.


Supply chain management; Retail; Consumer goods; Performance management; Global scorecard; Supplier relations; Supply chain organisation; Efficient consumer response
180,000 employees, GBP17 billion group sales
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