Managing Employee Turnover: Dispelling Myths and Fostering Evidence-Based Retention Strategies

by David G. Allen and Phillip C. Bryant
published by Business Expert Press, 2012
Ref BEP1271

Managing Employee Turnover: Dispelling Myths and Fostering Evidence-Based Retention StrategiesEmployee turnover is a critical concern for organisations and is likely to become increasingly important, argue the authors of this book. Even in the current economy, retention of top performers has become more difficult due to budget constraints that limit bonus and incentive pay.

Available as individual chapters, this book asks how managers and HR professionals can use data and evidence to effectively manage employee turnover and retention. This will become increasingly important as labour markets become more favourable for employees and the likelihood of pent-up turnover increases.

‘You don’t need a deep dive through piles of studies,’ writes Denise Rousseau, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, in the book’s foreword. ‘David Allen and Phillip Bryant have done it for you. The result of Allen and Bryant’s efforts turns science-based information into actionable knowledge to guide practice decisions.’

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About the authors

David G. Allen is Professor of Management, Fogelman College of Business and Economics, University of Memphis, US.

Phillip C. Bryant is Assistant Professor of Management & Marketing at D. Abbott Turner College of Business, Columbus State University, US.

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