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Building Successful Information Systems: Five Best Practices to Ensure Organisational Effectiveness and Profitability

by Michael J. Savoie
published by Business Expert Press, 2012
Ref BEP1395

Building Successful Information Systems: Five Best Practices to Ensure Organisational Effectiveness and ProfitabilityInformation systems are now a critical component of business success, but many companies do not truly understand what an information system is or the effects of integrating it into an organisation.

This is why, says the author of this book, we continue to see implementation horror stories of projects run amuck, going over time and budget or needing constant ‘workarounds’ to get things done.

This book asks why this is the case and what can be done about it. Its aim is to help organisations analyse their business processes with an eye towards how data is created, transferred, analysed and used. This information can then be used to build and implement effective and adaptable information systems that will provide value-added services for employees and maximise profitability.

The information system is the equivalent of the central nervous system of our bodies, writes the author. It doesn’t matter how strong our muscles are, or how active our brain, if the signal (information) can’t be sent along the nervous system (network) in a timely manner, the body simply won’t work. The same holds true for our organisations.

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About the author

Michael J. Savoie is Director of the Centre for Information Technology and Management (CITM) in the School of Management at The University of Texas, US.  His research focuses on wrapping the business case around new and emerging technologies. Specific areas of research include information technology, electronic commerce, quality, operations management, and continuous improvement. 

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