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International Economics: Understanding the Forces of Globalization

by Paul Torelli
published by Business Expert Press, 2013
Ref BEP1732

The extent of global economic integration is unprecedented, claims the author of this book, lifting living standards and reducing poverty. In addition, foreign markets and new technologies continue to present opportunities for both entrepreneurs and corporations. However, economic shocks can spread across the world in minutes, impacting billions of lives.

This book aims to provide businesspeople with the economic tools they need to interpret current events as well as long-term economic and political developments. Written in everyday language, using little or no maths, it explains the powerful framework that modern economics provides to help understand globalisation, international trade, and economic growth.

The past 30 years have brought about a freewheeling international financial system that supports massive flows of capital at lightning speed, writes the author. And the recent financial crisis proved once again that no globalised financial system can provide an unassailable assurance of safety and dependability to participating nations.

Torelli claims that the coming decades will probably see significant fiscal strains among European and American political and economic systems, as well as a continued strengthening of Asian economic and military power.

He concludes: ‘As always, the direction and pace of globalisation will remain critical to understanding future business developments around the world.’ 

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About the author

Paul Torelli is Chief Economist at Quantitative Social Science, an economic consultancy based in Seattle, Washington. He has worked with leading law firms, corporations, and political organisations, providing economic insights and expert testimony.

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