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Case activities 2020

Free webinar with Scott Andrews
Led by Martin Kupp and Urs Mueller across five synchronous sessions on 25, 27 November and 1, 3, 10 December
Led by Angela Lee across three synchronous sessions.
Moving your case classes online
Getting your case classes online quickly
Connect investigates the challenges and opportunities faced by business schools during the Covid-19 outbreak.
15 June 2020
Amazon Marketplace: Sustaining Strategic Innovation
Alex Zimmer, Vice President of new product development at Amazon Marketplace, is trying to introduce the Seller Fulfilled Prime initiative to the Amazon Marketplace.
15 June 2020
Entrepreneurial Imagination: Ruth Handler and the Barbie Doll
Ruth Handler, creator of Barbie, reflects on what was quite the entrepreneurial journey.
15 June 2020
Monte-Carlo Societe des Bains de Mer (A and B)
What will it take to maintain Monaco’s, and Monte-Carlo's, pre-eminent position as the 'billionaires' playground' into the 21st century?
15 June 2020
PMI’s Vision of a Smoke-free Future: Can a Tobacco Company Be Sustainable
PMI had a fight on their hands to convince important stakeholders that a tobacco company could be part of the solution to rid the world of cigarettes.
15 June 2020
Bill Schiano
5 minutes with… Bill Schiano
Bill Schiano, Professor of Computer Information Systems at Bentley University, takes his place in the ‘5 minutes with…’ hot seat.
15 June 2020