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Case events 2019/20

At Dubai Conrad, United Arab Emirates
At Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
online case teaching landscape
Teaching with cases online – the current landscape
In the first of a two-part feature series on exploring teaching with cases online, we survey the current landscape, share recent individual experiences, and raise some of the broader issues of going online with case teaching.
16 September 2019

Featured case: Amazon Career Choice: An Innovative HR Program
Known for its strict performance targets and unfriendly HR policies, would Amazon’s Career Choice initiative help alleviate that negative image?

16 September 2019

Featured case: Five Guys: Developing a Promotional Strategy for the Future
Five Guys Founder and CEO Jerry Murrell is contemplating how to advance the company’s promotional strategy, now it has a sizeable promotional budget.

16 September 2019
Featured case: Magellan versus Quesada: To Mutiny or Not to Mutiny
Magellan was the admiral of a Spanish fleet of five sailing ships heading to the Americas in the 16th century, but a mutiny was brewing.
16 September 2019
Featured case: Tesla's Entry into the U.S. Auto Industry
The Model 3 production process ran over by six months, while Tesla are yet to return a profit. Will they continue to disrupt the auto industry, or face bankruptcy?
16 September 2019
Lesley Symons
5 minutes…with Lesley Symons
Lesley Symons, founder of The Case for Women, is the latest '5 minutes with…' participant.
16 September 2019