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Case activities 2021

Led by Antoinette Mills, Fran Baylis and Trevor Williamson
Five synchronous 90-min sessions (21, 28 September, 5, 26 October and 23 November 2021) led by Martin Kupp and Urs Mueller
Diversity in cases
Diversity and Cases: Content and Class
We explore how cases are supporting business schools in their drive to address issues of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in the classroom.
19 April 2021
Expanding the Traditional Retail Model: Douglas' Path Towards a Multichannel Beauty Platform
Tina Müller, CEO of German beauty product retailer Douglas, is trying to ensure her company’s digital transformation is successful.
19 April 2021
Billion or Bust
Billion or Bust! Growing a Tech Company in Texas
Rackspace, a cloud hosting provider, faces stiff competition from tech giants such as Google, as disagreement among executives, board directors, and the CEO ensues.
19 April 2021
Midas in Brazil
Midas, a global automotive aftermarket franchising company, contemplates a possible return to a notoriously difficult market – Brazil.
19 April 2021
Female Entrepreneurship: Creating The Highville, Fashion in a Click
An online fashion entrepreneur weighs up whether to carry on with her business that she’s struggling to get off the ground.
19 April 2021
5 mins
5 minutes with…Mats Urde
2021 Outstanding Case Teaching Competition winner, Mats Urde, takes the ‘5 minutes with…’ hotseat.
19 April 2021