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John A. Quelch

John A. Quelch
Harvard Business School

"The most important ingredients for writing a successful case are an important managerial problem, a protagonist with whom students can identify, alternative solutions, and a well-written teaching note."

The three most important ingredients for writing a successful case are:

  • an important managerial problem confronting an interesting protagonist with whom the student can identify
  • alternative approaches to solving the problem backed up with enough quantitative information to help the student decide what to recommend
  • a thorough, well-written teaching note that gives instructors confidence as they prepare for class.

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About the author

John A. Quelch is the Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School where he teaches leadership and corporate accountability on the MBA programme. He also holds a joint appointment at Harvard School of Public Health as Professor in Health Policy and Management. He is a fellow of the Harvard China Fund, a Member of the Harvard China Advisory Board and Associate in Research at the Fairbank Centre for Chinese Studies.

Between 2011 and 2013, John was Dean, Vice-President and Distinguished Professor of International Management at CEIBS, China's leading business school. He is known for his teaching materials and innovations in pedagogy and in 1995 developed the first HBS interactive CD-ROM exercise (on Intel's advertising budgeting process). John is currently creating a series of case studies on the role and responsibilities of corporations in solving public health problems, both in the United States and worldwide. He is the author, co-author or editor of twenty-five books, including All Business Is Local (2011); Greater Good: How Good Marketing Makes for Better Democracy (2008); and Business Solutions for the Global Poor: Creating Social and Economic Value (2007).

Including those distributed by The Case Centre, John has sold a total of over four million cases worldwide. His award-winning and prizewinning cases include:

John has served as an independent director of twelve publicly listed companies in the USA and UK.


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