The Case Centre’s top 40 bestselling cases

Fifteenth place - Zara
The case
Case: Zara Shouldice Hospital Ltd.
Authors: Kasra Ferdows, Jose A.D. Machuca, and Michael Lewis
Institution: Georgetown University, Universidad de Sevilla, and University of Warwick
Ref: 603-002-1
Date published: 2003

From design to store in just 15 days: in 2002, Zara, operating out of La Coruna in north-west Spain, was the only retailer that could deliver garments to its 507 stores in 33 countries within such a short timescale. This case explores the company’s unique fast-response systems for product design, order administration, production, distribution and retailing that were behind this astonishing capability. Its unconventional approach to creating a global production, supply and retail network provides wide-ranging opportunities for discussion and learning. 

The authors

Kasra Ferdows holds the Heisley Family Chair of Global Manufacturing at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, US.

Jose A.D. Machuca is Professor of Operations Management at Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.

Michael Lewis is Professor of Operations and Supply Management, and Head of the Information, Decisions and Operations Group at Bath School of Management, previously at the University of Warwick.

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