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About cases and the case method

What is a case?

Case studies recount real life business or management situations that present business executives with a dilemma or uncertain outcome. The case describes the scenario in the context of the events, people and factors that influence it and enables students to identify closely with those involved. Management cases are generally written by business school faculty with particular learning objectives in mind and are refined in the classroom before publication. Relevant documentation or audio-visual items and a carefully crafted teaching note often accompany a case.

The case method

Pioneered in the early 20th Century at Harvard University, the case method has become the favoured teaching tool of most of the world's leading business schools. A process of discussion and analysis, guided by a skilled case teacher, leads class participants to deeper insights into management issues and their resolution. Faculty and students familiar with the case method universally regard it as the most effective and enjoyable way to learn.

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