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Faculty from ESCP Europe and Sheffield Business School join ecch Executive Committee

31 October 2012

ecch is delighted to welcome Jamie Rundle and Martin Kupp to its Executive Committee. Jamie is a Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at Sheffield Business School, UK. Martin is an Associate Professor for Entrepreneurship at ESCP Europe, France and an ecch case method workshop tutor.

The Executive Committee, comprising up to fourteen academic representatives of member organisations, meets three times a year to establish ecch policy and oversee operations outside North America.

Alt textAn interview with Jamie Rundle

Where did your interest in cases come from?

Case studies resonate strongly with me because I recognise how beneficial the case method was in enhancing my own management education and my subsequent ability as a practising manager. Much of that experience now makes for some interesting new material! Like me, the learners I meet through my own case teaching agree that the case method significantly enhances their learning. Writing my own cases also provides a constructive way in which I can satisfy my curiosity to explore the organisations I am interested in, meet the protagonists and discuss the issues that matter to their organisations. 

Why do you think that the use of cases is important in management education?

Organisations today are embroiled in ever more complex issues and the case method is extremely valuable for exposing learners to otherwise difficult to replicate scenarios. This is particularly true of pre-experience learners at the undergraduate level where the case method can complement academic theory in assisting them to understand the complexity surrounding practice. Learners are, regardless of their experience, able to adopt the roles of the characters within a case study, developing skills such as managing conflict, problem solving and appreciating multiple perspectives.

Why were you interested in joining the ecch Executive Committee?

The ecch approach to teaching, understanding and developing cases is a particularly valuable method with a bearing on my own interest in case writing and teaching. My involvement with ecch means I can also play a part in the progress of a wider pedagogical understanding around the effectiveness of the case method. I also look forward to being involved in administration and strategy development within the not-for-profit sector.

Alt textAn interview with Martin Kupp

Where did your interest in cases come from?

I had been looking for ways to engage students and executives in a meaningful way for a long time when I stumbled over the case method. Going through the German university system in the nineties I was not exposed to the case method as a student, however, I did have great teachers and I was looking for ways to live up to them. I believe that good cases have the potential to create a rewarding learning experience - both for the teacher and for the participants.

Why were you interested in joining the ecch Executive Committee?

I have been an ecch case method workshop tutor for over five years and I fully embrace ecch’s mission to promote the case method in management education by raising awareness, increasing usage and developing the skills of case teachers and authors. Being involved in the committee is first of all a way to be part of the vibrant case teaching and writing community. It is also a good way to feedback experiences from the workshops I have led. I have a particular interest in helping ecch work towards further tightening the bonds between itself and its member institutions, for example through longer and more intense programs in close co-operation or new innovative formats that go beyond the classic case study approach.

Watch Martin talking about the case method

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