European Case Awards 1994


Overall winner

Andersen Consulting (Europe): Entering the Business of Business Integration
Sumantra Ghoshal, INSEAD
Ref no 392-055-1

Accounting Control & Business Environment

Open Systems and the European Mainframe Computer Industry in 1990
H Landis Gabel, INSEAD
Ref no 191-007-1


ABB Financial Services
John J Pringle, IMD
Ref no IMD-1-0144

Human Resources Management

Mitsuhoshi France SA

Susan Schneider, INSEAD
Ref no 492-023-1
Runner up
Borg-Warner Chemicals (A)

Christopher Parker, IMD
Ref no 492-015-1


sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Marketing
Zantac (A)

Reinhard Angelmar & Christian Pinson, INSEAD
Ref no 592-045-1
Runner up
Singapore Airlines: Using Technology for Service Excellence

Sandra Vandermerwe & Christopher H Lovelock, IMD
Ref no IMD-5-0408

Policy and General Management

Managing Change in the NHS

Andrew Brown, Manchester Business School
Ref no 391-052-1
Joint runners up
Digital Equipment Corporation International: Competing Through Cooperation
Per Jenster & Francis Bidault, IMD
Ref no 390-047-1
Sony in Poland

Robert S Collins, IMD
Ref no 392-052-1

Production and Operations Management

Nokia Mobile Phones: Streamlining Logistics to Create Value

Michael D Oliff & Thomas E Vollmann, IMD
Ref no 692-046-1
Runner up
Prentiss Products Europe (A)

Robert S Collins & Michael D Oliff, IMD
Ref no IMD-6-0138

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