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Winner: Outstanding Contribution to the Case Method

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Vijaya Narapareddy Zinnoury won the Outstanding Contribution to the Case Method Award at The Case Centre Awards and Competitions 2019.
The recipient

Vijaya Narapareddy Zinnoury

Vijaya Narapareddy ZinnouryVijaya is the deserved recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to the Case Method Award 2019.

This accolade follows on from Vijaya’s success in 2018, when she won the Outstanding Case Writer competition.

Vijaya is an Associate Professor at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business, where she teaches Business Policy and Strategy. The Indian-born academic has written a wealth of case studies and has won many awards for her case writing, reviewing and teaching.

Passion for the case method

Vijaya is deeply committed to the case method. She has produced cases on Ethics, Corporate Governance, Sustainable Finance, Global Strategy and Global Social Entrepreneurship, 12 of which are registered with The Case Centre, and uses cases in her undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA courses.

Vi speaking at a conferenceVijaya has travelled the world delivering professional development workshops on case research, teaching and writing to fellow academics at conferences such as the Academy of Management, EIBA and USASBE.

She is the former president of NACRA, and is still Chair of their Corporate Governance and Ethics Track. Vijaya is on the editorial boards of four leading case journals, and she won an award as an outstanding case reviewer from the Case Research Journal.

Through her career Vijaya has actively developed new methods of case teaching including using live cases, news-based cases and co-teaching with industry experts. She has worked with businesses as diverse as IBM and Ericsson, to social entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Vijaya supervises and mentors students in the case method. With her support many of her students have gone on to win case awards and competitions.

Setting the standard

Vi receiving an awardAlong with her awards from The Case Centre, Vijaya has also won prestigious case writing prizes from Dark Side and OIKOS.

Vijaya’s very first case, Bicycles for India, was written 22 years ago. It was ranked one of the Case Research Journal’s bestselling cases and won the McMaster Best Case Award in Innovation and New Technology at the NACRA conference.

An inspiration

Pushpa Mirchandani, Senior Avaya Network Engineer at Western Union, and a former student of Vijaya’s, explains just how good a case teacher her mentor is.

Pushpa Mirchandani“Through my experience as her student, I must say that she has definitely mastered the case method,” said Pushpa. “I have seen and experienced first-hand what she accomplishes through her interactive case discussions and hands on practice of real-world challenges.

“Dr. Narapareddy willingly shares her expertise and knowledge with her students while challenging them to do their best. She goes out of her way to mentor any serious and sincere student who wants to achieve what she has achieved herself.

“For example, she assisted two students from the Women's College, in writing and presenting two different cases for the NACRA meetings in 2009. One of them was nominated for the “Best Case” award. She also helped find the travel funding for those two students.”

Pushpa added: “As students, some of us were able to travel with Dr. Narapareddy overseas and enjoy the real-world scenarios and understand the big picture. She understands the needs of students and provides them the support needed for them to develop into future leaders.

“Her passion for case studies and teaching style has made her skillset invaluable to the University of Denver and her students.”

Vijaya on the case method

Case method for all

Vijaya Narapareddy Zinnoury teaching“I use the case method in all my courses, including undergraduate courses taught in second year, third year, and capstone courses,” said Vijaya.

“I modify the discussion based on their (students’) exposure to complexities in the business world and work experience, but I think that the case method is an excellent way to engage students at all levels and create an interactive learning environment in the classroom.

“The case method also allows me to shift the responsibility of learning through prior preparation to my students, regardless of whether they are graduate or undergraduate students.”

Changing timesChanging times

“Students and journals no longer want the long 20+ page cases that we used to once craft. Technology has made many things possible! And that includes putting the wonder of emotional engagement front and centre of the case method through digital content with minimum expense.”

The appeal of writing cases

“In my view, the secret of good case writing lies in how well you can draw your students into the plot and sneak in a rigorous, but fun-filled learning experience. That is what draws me to write cases as opposed to doing something else.”

A good puzzle

A good puzzle

“I still find the case method to be unique in the way it draws both the writer and students into the world of discovery – discovery of critical problems and decisions to be made, concepts and their interrelationships, as well as the big picture that emerges from putting all the details together. A well-written case is like a good puzzle and you can create a 50-piece, 100-piece, or a 1000-piece puzzle based on the audience you want to reach.

“As a case writer, I have been successful in creating experiential exercises, role plays, or open discussions with the same case study, and have used the same case in traditional face-to-face and different versions of online courses.

“What other teaching tool can be as versatile and effective as the case method?”

Proud moment

“Thank you for this incredible honour you have chosen to bestow upon me!

“I would like to dedicate this award to my parents, who filled me up with nothing but admiration, and my large family that includes my brilliant children, siblings, friends, colleagues, and above all my students, who inspire and challenge me every single day.

“I also accept this award on behalf of minorities and people with disabilities, who never get a chance to show their amazing talents to the world!

“I am humbled by your recognition. Thank you, The Case Centre and everyone in your organisation, for your dedication to advancing the case method around the world!”

A worthy winner


Richard McCracken, Director of The Case Centre, said: “We are delighted to recognise Vijaya’s outstanding contribution to the case method.

“The judging panel were in no doubt as to Vijaya’s contribution to the case community – she writes award-winning cases, teaches the case method with great passion, delivers speeches and workshops to fellow practitioners around the world, and is a fantastic case method mentor to many students and colleagues.

“Vijaya really is a very worthy winner.”


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