European Case Award winners

Finance category

In 2004 this category was replaced by Finance, Accounting & Control


The Mondex Case Study: The Development of an Electronic Purse - A Smart Card Used to Store Electronic Cash
Charles Baden-Fuller, Neil Tomkin, Cass Business School, City of London
Ref no 200-003-1


Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products, NV: Financing from Start-up through IPO
Danny Lein and Herwig Langohr, INSEAD & Benoit Leleux, Babson College
Ref no 200-011-1


No award made


Groupe Schneider: Economic Value Added and the Measurement of Financial Performance
S David Young, INSEAD
Ref no 298-014-1


The Barings Collapse (A): Breakdowns in Organisational Culture and Management
Stewart Hamilton, Donald A Marchand & Alicia Bernard, IMD
Ref no IMD-1-0155


Lyonnaise des Eaux-Dumez
Theo Vermaelen, INSEAD
Ref no 295-029-1


No award made


Joint winners
Glaxo Italia SpA: The Zinnat Marketing Decision

Robert F Bruner, INSEAD/Darden School
Ref no 294-011-1 
The HSBC Holding/Midland Bank Takeover Part 1 - Strategy, Tactics and Logic

Paul Stonham, EAP - European School of Management, Oxford
Ref no 293-003-1


No award made


ABB Financial Services (A)
John J Pringle, IMD
(this case has been withdrawn from the IMD collection) 


Joint winners
Dow Europe
John J Pringle, IMD
(this case has been withdrawn from the IMD collection)
The Acquisition of Martell
Roy C Smith & Ingo Walter, INSEAD
Ref no 291-001-1


Tyneside Gravel Co. Ltd - A Case Study on Investment Appraisal

Christopher McEvoy, Loughborough University
Ref no 280-001-1
Runner up
London Brick

Shu-Lun Wong, Coventry Polytechnic
Ref no 284-020-1



James Gallagher & Robert Scott, Napier Polytechnic
Ref no 288-005-1
Runner up
Managing a Multinational: Financial & Business Strategy at News Corporation

J E Norton, Polytechnic of the South Bank, London & L P Willcocks, City University, London
Ref no 288-004-1

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