The Case Centre’s bestselling authors 2015/2016

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Bestselling author 2015/16

Benoit LeleuxBenoit Leleux
Stephan Schmidheiny Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance

The cases

CasesThe JMC Soundboard: Crossing the Sound Barrier
Jeanmichel Capt, a trained guitar luthier, had mastered the art of working with 'resonance spruce' from Switzerland’s Risoud Forest. Italian violin masters in the 17th and 18th centuries had first discovered the unique sound properties of resonant wood. Could Jeanmichel use these centuries-tested wood techniques to bring new dimensions to the world of loudspeakers?

Papyrus Laser (A): December 1994
This is the first of a four-case series describing the efforts of entrepreneur Robert Keane to develop the business plan for his project, Papyrus Laser, a catalogue marketer of specialised stationery and related products. Case (A) focuses on the first formal presentation of the business plan to a panel of successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Papyrus Laser (B): September 1995
This case focuses on the feedback Robert Keane received from a panel of professional investors and entrepreneurs after his initial presentation of the Papyrus Laser opportunity discussed in case (A). He did not receive the wholehearted endorsement he had hoped for and must now explore the way forward for his project.

Meet Benoit


Benoit is the Stephan Schmidheiny Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at IMD in Lausanne (Switzerland). He is the author of many books including his latest, Private Equity 4.0: Reinventing Value Creation, published in March 2015 by Wiley.

He was previously Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD and Director of the 3i VentureLab and Associate Professor and Zubillaga Chair in Finance and Entrepreneurship at Babson College, USA, from 1994 to 1999. He obtained his PhD at INSEAD, specialising in corporate finance and venture capital.

His teaching cases have earned 19 European case writing awards so far over the past decade. Prior to his academic career, he was the head of corporate venturing for a leading agribusiness conglomerate in South East Asia.
Key quote

“Management research and education are at interesting crossroads: with a world becoming more and more unpredictable, recipes derived from historical datasets and large cross-sections are becoming less and less relevant, a fact compounded by the slow refereeing process in general. As an educator, it becomes more and more difficult to stand in front of a digital-native audience and argue that many ‘classic’ papers have much value left in them.

“So how do you figure out today’s and tomorrow’s issues, not yesterday’s? Case research offers that perspective, flushing out issues as they emerge. My primary driver in case research has always been to stay relevant in the classroom and bring ‘issues’ to discuss, not necessarily ‘answers’.

“Learning to live with ambiguities, dilemmas and fast-changing environments is what students need today. In that sense, case research becomes ever more relevant: we simply don’t have the leisure to wait for publications to introduce new knowledge in the classroom. On a personal level, the process is what really excites me, the intimacy developed with the case protagonists, the long-term relationships that often ensue, and the surprises every case brings…”

~ Benoit Leleux


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