The Case Centre’s bestselling authors 2015/2016

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Bestselling author 2015/16

Peter KillingPeter Killing
Emeritus Professor of Strategy at IMD

The cases

Cases Nestlé’s Globe Program (A): The Early Months
Chris Johnson has been given the task of managing the world's largest SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) roll out. He has to move to Switzerland, start building an organisation and get Nestlé ready for a new way of managing the business. This case documents the first months in his new job.

Greg Dyke: Taking the Helm at the BBC (A)
The BBC has major internal challenges around organisation and culture, in addition to significant external market challenges as the media industry moves from analogue to digital technologies. This case is set on the day of Greg Dyke's first speech to staff when he needs to set the agenda for his time as Director-General.

Nestlé’s Globe Program (C): ‘Globe Day’
This case is set approximately 18 months after the B-case in the series. The setting is a meeting of Nestlé's market heads who are participating in a day-long event to bring them up to date on progress. The morning has been difficult for Chris Johnson - full of criticism - and the question is how he should handle the afternoon.

Meet Peter

BiographyPeter Killing is Emeritus Professor of Strategy at IMD. For each of the 15 years he taught at IMD, he was ranked one of the top teachers.

The powerful technique for creating strategic focus and building team energy captured in his book Must-Win Battles (written with Professor Tom Malnight and Tracey Keys) has resulted in Peter running must-win battle workshops for company teams in North America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe over the past ten years.

He has also taught on a high-potential programme for BMW; a senior management programme for Vestas, the world-leading Danish wind power company; change programmes for Nestlé; and a five-day change programme for Sika, a global technology company. Much of the underlying work that Peter has done on strategy and change is captured in Strategic Analysis and Action, a textbook that has influenced the activities of many companies, including Exxon Mobil, Nestlé and ICI.

Key quote

I do not write cases in the hope that they will be adopted by other schools. I write cases first and foremost for my own use, with my own students. So rule one is to know who your intended audience is.

Rule two is know what you are trying to achieve with the case. Let’s say I am writing a case on a joint venture situation. I could focus on the financial aspects of the JV, the cross-cultural aspects, or the very personal issues that arise for the executives trying to put the deal together or make it work as planned. Whatever you choose, make sure there is enough information to support a good discussion, but no more! I ruthlessly edit my cases to make them as short as possible. Executives hate wasting time and if you can present a case in four pages instead of 10, do it! They will thank you.

~ Peter Killing


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