The Case Centre’s bestselling authors 2015/2016

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Bestselling author 2015/16

Jill AveryJill Avery
Senior Lecturer
Harvard Business School

The cases

Cases Hubspot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0
This case introduces the concept of inbound marketing. Students can follow the growth of HubSpot, an entrepreneurial venture facing significant challenges. Will inbound marketing programmes generate enough scale? Or should traditional outbound marketing methods be used to accelerate growth?

The Pepsi Refresh Project: A Thirst for Change
In 2010, for the first time in 23 years, PepsiCo did not invest in Super Bowl advertising for its iconic brand. Instead, the company diverted $20 million to the Pepsi Refresh Project: consumers were invited to submit ideas for health, environmental, social, educational, and cultural causes. Was it the right decision?

Porsche: The Cayenne Launch
In 2003, Porsche launched a sport utility vehicle, dividing Porsche purists from newcomers to the brand. Vocal members of online and offline Porsche communities ridiculed the Cayenne SUV and disapproved of the new breed of driver. Had the brand strayed too far from its core values and what were the risks?

Meet Jill

BiographyJill Avery is a Senior Lecturer in the marketing unit at Harvard Business School and an authority on brand management and customer relationship management (CRM). Prior to her academic career, she worked in CPG brand management, managing brands for The Gillette Company, Braun Inc., Samuel Adams, and AT&T, and spent time on the agency side of the business as an account executive managing consumer promotions for Pepsi, General Foods, Bristol-Myers, and Citibank.

She remains close to practice through board service as a Corporate Director of the Amica Mutual Insurance Company and a Trustee and Chairman of the Board of Overseers at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She received the Simmons School of Management’s Award for Teaching Excellence for her MBA teaching and was awarded a Certificate of Distinction in Teaching at Harvard University for her undergraduate teaching.
Key quote

“As a former manager pursuing a second career in academia, I believe that case teaching helps students bridge the worlds of ideas and practice in an engaging and transformational way. Cases craft a compelling narrative and invite students to step into the shoes of the protagonist to experience managerial decision making first hand. 

“A strong case inspires a robust discussion where students wrestle with tough decisions, learn from one another’s positions, and debate options to arrive at a deeper understanding of the complexity of running a business. Here at Harvard Business School, we aim to create cases that are relevant to current business conditions, catalyze deep discussions, and ignite ideas that can be carried into other contexts.

~ Jill Avery


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