The Case Centre’s bestselling authors 2015/2016

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Bestselling author 2015/16

Jean- François ManzoniJean-François Manzoni
Professor of Leadership & Organisational Development and President (January 2017), IMD (Lausanne). Formerly Shell Chaired Professor of Human Resources and Organisational Development at INSEAD

The cases

Cases Tesco: Delivering the Goods (A)
How did Tesco transform itself from an unremarkable domestic chain into a leading international retail group? Domestically, Tesco's market share grew almost as big as its next two nearest competitors put together. It used its strong home base to expand globally and ended up with more retail space overseas than in the UK. Could anything threaten this success?

Prudential UK: Rebuilding a Mighty Business
In the mid-1980s, Prudential completely dominated the UK insurance market. Fifteen years later it was in grave danger of becoming irrelevant, and then things got worse with the post 9/11 collapse of stock markets. Led by a new Chief Executive Officer, Mark Wood, Prudential UK's management team embarked on a four-year rebuilding journey.

Strike at British Airways: Unavoidable or Set up to Fail?
Having secured equivalent savings elsewhere in the airline, British Airways management encountered difficulties getting its cabin crew to cut its costs by £42 million per year. The case considers the steadily deteriorating relationship with the cabin crew union – and highlights the self-fulfilling and self-reinforcing nature of the dysfunctional dynamic that develops between the three key parties.

Meet Jean-François

BiographyJean-François Manzoni is Professor of Leadership & Organisational Development at IMD (Lausanne), where he is becoming President (Dean) in January 2017. He was formerly the Shell Chaired Professor of Human Resources and Organisational Development at INSEAD, where he worked on both the Fontainebleau and Singapore campuses.

Jean-François’s research, teaching and consulting activities are focused on leadership, the development of high performance organisations and corporate governance. He was the founder of the LEAP programme at INSEAD (for Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice), a ground-breaking modular leadership development programme for senior executives.

He has received several awards for excellence in teaching and is a frequent keynote speaker. He also works as a consultant and has carried out top management team support and leadership development work for several international organisations in more than thirty countries.

Key quote

“Over the years, the immense majority of my classes have used a case as a springboard. Sometimes we stay very close to the case. In other classes, the case merely kicks off a discussion that then explores other territories. I am delighted several of my cases have sold well. It means that other instructors found them helpful as well, which does not always come naturally.

"Many of us, and I’m certainly in this group, write cases first for our own needs. But then we must ask ourselves how adding or subtracting this or that element will make the case easier and/or more robust for other instructors. This process requires a number of decisions that are informed by experience, intuition and sometimes a bit of luck.

~ Jean-François Manzoni


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