Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2016/17

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No. 18 Bestselling Case Author 2016/17

Robert KaplanRobert S. Kaplan
Senior Fellow, Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development, Emeritus
Harvard Business School

Robert's top bestselling cases

Kanthal (A)
This multinational company needs an improved cost system to determine the profitability of individual customer orders. Its aim is to increase profits without taking on more support staff. The goal is to direct sales resources to the most profitable customers: those who buy standard products in large predictable quantities with minimal demands on technical resources.

Midwest Office Products
This case presents an easy introduction to time-driven activity-based costing (ABC) that allows students to build a simple ABC model of order profitability. Students apply the time-driven ABC model to five representative orders to estimate order profitability based on a far more accurate portrayal of the cost of processing and delivering orders.

Classic Pen Company: Developing an ABC Model

Classic Pen has diversified from its core blue and black pen business by introducing new specialised colors. But costs have risen and margins on blue and black pens are decreasing. The controller turns to activity-based costing for an explanation.
Meet Robert

BiographyRobert S. Kaplan is Senior Fellow and Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development, Emeritus at Harvard Business School. Robert was co-developer of both activity-based costing and the Balanced Scorecard and has authored or co-authored 14 books and more than 150 papers including 23 in Harvard Business Review. He was elected to the Accounting Hall of Fame in 2006 and received the Lifetime Contribution Award for Distinguished Contributions to Advancing the Management Accounting Profession from the Institute of Management Accountants in 2008, and the Lifetime Contribution Award from the Management Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association (AAA) in 2006. 

He received the Outstanding Accounting Educator Award in 1988 from the AAA, the 1994 CIMA Award from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK) for ‘Outstanding Contributions to the Accountancy Profession’, and the 2001 Distinguished Service Award from the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) for contributions to the practice and academic community.
Key quote

Cases are a great opportunity to learn about practice innovations. Most of my field-based cases are about organisations that have implemented management tools I helped to introduce, such as balanced scorecard and activity-based costing. In this way, students learn cutting-edge ideas and also how these new concepts get adopted and used by organisations.

"For me, case writing has generated enormous synergies between my teaching and my research. I have learned how my research ideas get put into action, especially in different sectors, such as nonprofits, healthcare, and governments. I am much better at both research and teaching because of the cases I have written.”

~ Robert S. Kaplan


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