Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2016/17

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No. 29 Bestselling Case Author 2016/17

Thomas R EisenmannThomas R Eisenmann
Howard H. Stevenson Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

Thomas' top bestselling cases

Cases Dropbox: 'It Just Works'
Winner of The Case Centre’s Entrepreneurship Award 2015, and a bestseller in 2015 and 2016, this case examines Dropbox’s history up until mid 2010, when founder/CEO Drew Houston must consider how to move forward with new product features. These include pursuing distribution deals with smartphone manufacturers and how to target enterprise customers.

Rent the Runway
Grow at a measured pace or push for more venture capital before originally planned? This is the dilemma for Rent the Runway, a website offering a designer dress rental service, two months after a successful launch.

Google Inc
This case won The Case Centre’s Strategy and General Management Award 2011, and was also a bestseller in the same year. It looks at Google’s history, the threats they pose to competitors and the best way forward for the search engine giant.

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Meet Thomas

BiographyThomas is Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and Faculty Chair of the HBS’ California Research Center. He teaches the MBA elective course Making Markets, which focuses on marketplace design, and leads a January Term Startup Bootcamp for first-year MBAs. His research interests include lean start-up management practices and managing networked businesses.

Thomas has been producing case studies for well over 20 years, with his research interests including lean start-up management practices and managing networked businesses.

Thomas won The Case Centre’s Entrepreneurship Award in 2015, and was also successful in the same category in 2011.

Key quote

"Students learn best from the case method when the instructor harnesses tension. Every time a student answers a question (e.g. 'Who is at fault?' or 'Would you exit the business?') all classmates must ask themselves, 'Do I agree?' Learning comes from comparing a peer’s answer to the response that follows from one’s own mental model, then revising that model as appropriate. This happens over and over again in an effective case discussion. So, a great case is more than a great story: it’s a vehicle for generating tension."

~ Thomas R Eisenmann


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