Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2017/18

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No. 20 Bestselling Case Author 2017/18

Michael LewisMichael Lewis
Professor in Operations and Supply Management
University of Bath School of Management

Michael's top bestselling cases

Cases Zara: The World’s Largest Fashion Retailer
In 2014 Zara were still very much a market leader in fashion, with 1923 stores in 88 countries worldwide. But how did Zara continue its remarkable growth when an economic crisis appeared in 2008? Extensive interviews with company managers and employees tell the story.

This case has made The Case Centre’s bestsellers list every year since it was released in 2003. Used in a wide rage of courses, the case focuses on the process that enables Zara to deliver garments to its 507 stores in 33 countries in just 15 days after they are designed.

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Meet Michael

BiographyMichael is a Professor in Operations and Supply Management at the Bath School of Management, joining from Warwick Business School in 2004.

Michael heads up the Information, Decision and Operations Division within the School of Management, a role he started in April 2017.

In addition, Michael is an Academic Scholar at Cornell University in New York State, US.

Michael’s key research interests include strategic benefits of operational and supply competence and dis-benefits of operational and supply failure. He co-authored Zara: The World’s Largest Fashion Retailer alongside Jose A.D. Machuca and Michael Lewis, winning The Case Centre’s Production and Operations Award 2017. The case follows the events in the company since the trio’s last case on Zara.


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