Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2017/18

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No. 36 Bestselling Case Author 2017/18

G.V. MuralidharaG.V. Muralidhara
IBS Bangalore

G.V.'s top bestselling cases

CasesLenovo: From Challenger to Leader
This case discusses Beijing-based multinational technology giant, Lenovo Group Limited’s success story in China, and its emergence as the global brand from China. In early 2013, Lenovo emerged as clear leader in the global personal computer (PC) market. Industry experts opined that the company’s success was attributable to several strategies it had adopted in China – aggressive pricing in its home market – and its acquisition strategy in mature markets such as Germany and Japan.

LEGO: Turnaround Through Disciplined Innovation
The case begins with the history of LEGO and the evolution of its most innovative and successful products. Later, it discusses the challenges faced by the company in the 1990s and its innovation efforts, under the leadership of Poul Plougmann, followed by the reasons for the market failure of its new products and the resulting financial crisis.

McDonald’s Success Story in Brazil
McDonald's entered Brazil in 1979 in a joint venture with Rio de Janeiro entrepreneur, Peter Rodenbeck. In 1981, the company opened another restaurant in Sao Paulo with businessman, Gregory James Ryan. In 1995, both Rodenbeck and Ryan sold their shares to McDonald's and the joint ventures were merged to form a single entity, McDonald's Brazil. From then on, McDonald's Brazil operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company, McDonald's. The case details the various strategies adopted by McDonald's in Brazil, and identifies the challenges they faced. 

Meet G.V.

BiographyG.V. boasts more than 28 years of industry experience, working in senior roles in both the private and public sectors.

Qualified as a Mechanical Engineer and Chartered Finance Analyst, G.V. has extensive experience using the case method. Prior to joining IBS Bangalore, he was Director of the award-winning Case Research Center at IBS Hyderabad – leading a team of talented case writers.

G.V. has authored or co-authored more than 100 management case studies, several of which have won awards.

Key quote

“I started life as a case author in 2011 and it has been a fascinating journey so far.

“Working on case studies has provided me with the opportunity to look at contemporary issues and situations from multiple perspectives. It has also helped me in deepening my understanding of several subjects, and I have been able to mentor many first-time authors in honing their skills.

“The Case Centre has been instrumental in enabling me to connect with institutions across the world through my cases.

“For me, a successful case allows the students to connect with the characters in the case and create answers for the key questions that the protagonist is facing. It has a strong linkage with the concepts that the students are studying. A good case is remembered by students for many years after they have participated in the discussion. A good case author should have curiosity in observing events and be able to identify links to key concepts."

~ G.V. Muralidhara


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