Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2017/18

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No. 37 Bestselling Case Author 2017/18

David DuboisDavid Dubois
Associate Professor of Marketing and Cornelius Grupp Fellow in Digital Analytics for Consumer Behaviour

David's top bestselling cases

Ombre, Tie-Dye, Splat Hair: Trends of Fads? “Pull” and “Push” Social Media Strategies at L’Oréal Paris
The case focuses on an innovative social media strategy by L'Oréal Paris to 'listen' to consumers, then develop a product to meet consumer needs and market it. 

AccorHotels and the Digital Transformation: Enrichening Experiences Through Content Strategies Along the Customer Journey
AccorHotels was going through an ambitious digital transformation, as a powerful wave of disruption in the hospitality ecosystem, from the emergence of review websites, online travel agents and active forums to the rise of new competitors such as Airbnb. This case offers a forum to discuss what it means for a company to engage its digital transformation in order to foster customer-centricity. 

Shang Xia: Selling High-Quality Goods “Proudly Made in China”
Shang Xia is a story of a female entrepreneur whose goal is to open the Chinese luxury-goods market to products proudly made in China. The story starts in 2007, when Shang Xia was first born in a small workshop in Shanghai, and continues to the present day when the brand is expanding its footprint in other cities in China and the surrounding region.

Meet David

BiographyDavid is an Associate Professor of Marketing and the Cornelius Grupp Fellow in Digital Analytics for Consumer Behaviour at INSEAD. He is the co-founder and co-director of INSEAD’s Learning Digital Marketing Strategy Programme.

The core of David’s research and teaching intersects digital technologies, customer centricity and brand management. He is also an expert on how luxury and fashion brands can leverage status and style to effectively create value.

David boasts a wealth of accolades including being named 2017 Young Scholar by the Marketing Science Institute, and winning The Case Centre’s Marketing category award in both 2017 and 2018. His work on luxury consumption, social influence, power, persuasion and word-of-mouth has appeared in top journals such as Nature Communications, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology or Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and is regularly covered by popular media.

Key quote

“The case method is simply the most powerful and effective teaching tool I’ve encountered.

“My favourite cases always combine two instrumental ingredients to business leaders’ success: (1) the ability to effectively apply frameworks to concrete business challenges and (2) the proclivity to tackle a business challenge through a holistic lens – not just through a marketing, organisational or financial point of view.

“When writing a case, I always have two targets in mind: my own students, whose learning experience I aim to maximise by creating a highly-experiential and interactive environment around the case. Second, my colleagues around the world, for whom I aim to make it very easy (and fun!) to teach the case by producing highly detailed teaching notes, rich multimedia content including videos and supporting slides as well as ideas for group exercises.

“In the digital age, I believe that such combinations of different teaching approaches embedded in the case method is particularly effective to power learning.” 

~ David Dubois


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