Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2017/18

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No. 38 Bestselling Case Author 2017/18

Juan AlcacerJuan Alcacer
James J. Hill Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

Juan's top bestselling cases

CasesThe Walt Disney Company and Pixar, Inc: To Acquire or Not to Acquire?
Soon after Robert Iger took over as CEO of the Walt Disney Company in late 2005, he turned his attention toward Pixar, the animation studio with which Disney had worked since 1991, producing hits such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo. With the Co-Production Agreement between the two studios coming to a close in 2006, Pixar was looking to negotiate better terms with another distribution partner. Could Disney risk losing them?

Alphabet Eyes New Frontiers
In October 2015, Google restructured into Alphabet, a holding company, which analysts said would facilitate innovation among its diverse subsidiaries. But when news reports surfaced revealing struggles within Alphabet companies including Nest, the smart thermostat maker, observers began to wonder if the reorganisation made sense after all.

The Rise and Fall of Nokia
By the late 2000s Nokia's position as market leader in mobile devices was threatened by competition from new lower-cost Asian manufacturers. Apple's 2007 release of its iPhone established an entire new category – the smartphone – immediately popular with users. What were Nokia's missteps over the years? What should Nokia have done differently?

Meet Juan

BiographyNaming international strategies of firms in the telecommunications industry as his research interest, Juan’s current research focuses primarily on the effect of competition on the location decisions of multinationals.

Juan has a PhD in International Business and Strategy and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan, and an MBA in Finance and Economics from IESA. Before entering graduate school he worked as an associate at McKinsey & Co. in Latin America.

Juan has authored and co-authored a multitude of cases, books and journal articles.


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