Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2017/18

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No. 4 Bestselling Case Author 2017/18

Robert SimonsRobert Simons
Charles M. Williams Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School


Bob's top bestselling cases

Cases Citibank: Performance Evaluation
Citibank has introduced a new, comprehensive performance-scorecard system. But how can an outstanding branch manager who has scored poorly on an important customer satisfaction measure be evaluated? This case provides a scoring sheet to be completed by students and an explanation of the ramifications of the decision for the business's strategy.

Compagnie du Froid, SA
An ice cream company owner must evaluate the performance of three regional businesses. To do the analysis, students must flex the budget by seasonal temperature; calculate revenue, volume, price, and efficiency variances; analyse the effects of transfer prices; and calculate return-on-investment. Strategic boundaries and manager compensation must also be considered.

Vyaderm Pharmaceuticals: The Eva Decision
The new CEO of Vyaderm Pharmaceuticals introduces an Economic Value Added (EVA) programme to focus the company on long-term shareholder value. A one-time windfall in earnings sees Vyaderm's top managers struggling with the question of whether to adjust the EVA results to prevent demoralizing managers in future years when results are likely to decline.

Meet Robert

BiographyBob Simons is the Charles M. Williams Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Over the last 30 years, Simons has taught accounting, management control, and strategy execution courses in both the Harvard MBA and Executive Education Programs.

In January 2017, Simons published a 15-module series for classroom teaching on Strategy Execution available through Harvard Business School Publishing. Simons has also developed a new, online app called the Job Design Optimization Tool (JDOT), which is available free-of-charge from Harvard Business School Publishing. This tool can be used to design, or test the design, of any job in any organisation.

Simons’ books include Seven Strategy Questions: A Simple Approach for Better Execution (2010) and Levers of Organization Design: How Managers Use Accountability Systems for Greater Performance and Commitment (2005). In addition, he has written Levers of Control (1995), describing how effective top managers balance innovation and control. This book won the Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award.

In addition to his books, Simons' ongoing research into the relationship between business strategy, organisation design, and management control systems has been published in journals such as Harvard Business Review, Capitalism and Society, Sloan Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Contemporary Accounting Research, and Journal of Accounting Literature.

Simons has served as a consultant to many companies on topics related to strategy execution, organisation design, performance measurement, and strategic control. He has testified as an expert witness in U.S. Federal Court and before State Public Utility Commissions.


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