Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2018/19

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No. 5 Bestselling Case Author 2018/19

Christopher BartlettChristopher Bartlett
Thomas D. Casserly, Jr. Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus
Harvard Business School


Christopher's top bestselling cases

CasesSilvio Napoli at Schindler India (A)
A young Italian MBA working for a Swiss multinational is sent to India to establish a subsidiary and implement the strategy he prepared at headquarters as a strategic planner. This case focuses on three core strategic decisions he must make as his plan is challenged by his local Indian managers and the European plants supplying Schindler.

IKEA’s Global Sourcing Challenge: Indian Rugs and Child Labor (A)
How does IKEA respond to a television report that its Indian carpet suppliers were using child labour? IKEA's strong culture and values include a commitment 'to create a better everyday life for many people'. How should the company deal with the ongoing issue of child labour in the supply chain?

Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA
This case traces the development of a Swedish furniture retailer under the leadership of an innovative and unconventional entrepreneur whose approaches redefine the nature and structure of the industry. Kamprad’s unique vision and values became institutionalised as IKEA’s binding corporate culture, but could this ‘corporate glue’ survive massive expansion into the United States and the Eastern Bloc.

Meet Christopher

BiographyAs a practising manager prior to joining the faculty of Harvard Business School, Christopher worked as a marketing manager with Alcoa in Australia, a management consultant in McKinsey's London office, and as the country general manager of Baxter Laboratories' subsidiary company in France. After joining the Harvard Business School faculty in 1979, his research interests focused on the strategic and organisational challenges confronting managers in large, complex corporations, and on the organisational and managerial impact of transformational change.

He has published eight books, including (co-authored with the late Sumantra Ghoshal) Managing Across Borders: The Transnational Solution, named by the Financial Times as one of the 50 most influential business books of the century. His cases have sold more than six million copies worldwide, making him the bestselling case author in the history of Harvard Business School. Christopher has been elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Management, the Academy of International Business, and the Strategic Management Society.
Key quote

I’m honoured to still be on this list – especially after more than a decade as an emeritus professor! But even in retirement, I still find satisfaction in occasionally developing classroom materials that capture the richness, complexity and excitement of today’s important management challenges, and over the past decade have written nine HBS 'Brief Cases'."

“I can’t recommend highly enough the intellectual rewards of engaging in fieldwork that captures real management issues. Such rewards are matched only by the joy of seeing students grow through their engagement with rich, real, engaging classroom materials.

~ Christopher Bartlett


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