Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2018/19

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No. 8 Bestselling Case Author 2018/19

David J CollisDavid J Collis
Adjunct Professor
Harvard Business School


David's top bestselling cases

Cases The Walt Disney Company: The Entertainment King
The Walt Disney Company’s rebirth under Michael Eisner was widely considered to be one of the great turnaround stories of the late 20th century. Analysts gave Eisner much of the credit for Disney’s resurrection. What was the key to his success? And how could Walt Disney continue to thrive into the 21st century?

$19B 4 txt app WhatsApp...omg!
The social media phenomenon, WhatsApp, was snapped up by Facebook for USD19 billion in February 2014. The mobile messaging service only employed 50 people and earned USD10 million in revenue in 2013, but its popularity and growth potential was enough to woo Facebook. They vowed to keep WhatsApp operating independently but how could value be created without the two integrating?

Edward Jones in 2006: Confronting Success
Jim Weddle took over as Managing Partner of Edward Jones in 2006 when the firm was at a critical juncture. It had grown from its small-town American roots to become the fourth largest broker in the US. Could it sustain its extraordinary performance and achieve its goal of 20,000 financial advisors by 2017?

Meet David

BiographyFor the past thirty years, David J. Collis has been a professor at the Harvard Business School, and only the second full-time Adjunct Professor appointed at HBS.

He was the winner of the 50th Anniversary McKinsey Award for the best article in the Harvard Business Review in 2008, and a Harvard Business Review bestselling author. An expert on corporate strategy and global competition, he is the author of International Strategy: Context, Concepts and ChoicesCorporate Strategy (with Cynthia Montgomery); and Corporate Headquarters (with Michael Goold and David Young).

David has written more than 65 cases which have sold over one million copies worldwide. His articles have sold over a quarter of a million copies with over 12,000 citations.

Key quote

“The joy of writing field cases is that you learn how important strategic decisions are actually made. And the result may surprise you. During onsite visits and in executive interviews you uncover much that is hidden from the outside and which cannot even be captured in press articles or company presentations – useful though these are today.

“You get a feel for the culture of the place in the little things, like who meets you, how carefully the visit is scheduled, how open executives are to criticise their past choices, where you go to lunch, etc. That, and how management framed the decision process – what factors mattered to them, how they developed their analyses – illuminate the nuances behind what can appear to be a straightforward decision, and lead to a deeper understanding of how the strategy process operates in practice. Hopefully, some of this richness comes across in my cases and provides real insight to students.”

~ David J Collis


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