Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2018/19

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No. 9 Bestselling Case Author 2018/19

Elizabeth GrasbyElizabeth Grasby
Professor Emeritus
Ivey Business School

Elizabeth's top bestselling cases

CasesHealthy Life Group
An entrepreneur and her father have purchased exclusive Canadian distribution rights to Nutrifusion, a new health supplement that provides servings of fruits and vegetables when added to a variety of foods. They are contemplating launching Healthy Life Group, a company to market and distribute Nutrifusion in Canada. They want to evaluate the product's financial feasibility for the company's first year of operations, ending 31 December 2011. If the financials look favourable and the business plan seems feasible, the father and daughter will proceed with the new venture.

Mountainarious Sporting Co
The owner of Mountainarious Sporting Co has requested a long-term loan to cover construction costs for major alterations to the store's layout. He has also requested an increase in the business' line of credit to fund additional inventory purchases for the increased store space. The loan manager has received the company's financial statements and must decide whether to grant the loan in a short time in order that the renovations may proceed.

Riverside Packaging
Riverside Packaging is a family-owned company that specializes in packaging, painting and warehousing and distribution of vehicle parts. The company''s controller is concerned with the profitability of a proposed emergency-assist contract to package, warehouse and distribute fascias with General Motors. The proposal must be evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively before rendering a decision.

Meet Elizabeth

BiographyElizabeth enjoyed a distinguished 39-year career at Ivey Business School before retiring in 2017.

Upon calling an end to her career, Elizabeth was recognised as Professor Emerita for her exceptional contribution to Ivey, after holding the position of Pre-Business Program Director for almost 25 years.

Elizabeth also served as the Assistant Director of the School’s China Project between 1987-1989.

Elizabeth was a big believer in the case method, first writing Management Science cases at Ivey following graduation, and then introducing case writing and teaching to the Occupational and Physical Therapy Faculty.

Key quote

“Students are always interesting – every year classes were different with a few students who were ‘characters.’

“And I cannot imagine teaching a class without cases and the pedagogy that goes along with case teaching. It would be far less interesting and engaging for both instructor and students!

~ Elizabeth Grasby


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