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Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2019/20

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No. 26 Bestselling Case Author 2019/20
Elie Ofek

Elie Ofek
T.J. Dermot Dunphy Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

Elie's top bestselling cases

Cases Product Team Cialis: Getting Ready to Market
This extremely popular case – a bestseller in 2006-2012 – focuses on the launch of a new drug, Cialis, to compete against Viagra. Developed by pharmaceutical giant Lily and biotech upstart ICOS, they must determine how best to segment the market, which target market to focus on, and how to position the new drug for success.

Sephora Direct: Investing in Social Media, Video and Mobile
Julie Bornstein, Senior Vice President of cosmetics company Sephora Direct, is seeking to double her budget in order to intensify Sephora’s social media, online video and mobile presence. However, Julie faces a daunting task, as an evolving digital era sees new competitors emerging that call into question traditional bricks and mortar businesses like Sephora’s.

Autonomous Vehicles: Smooth or Bumpy Ride Ahead?
In early 2019, the transportation industry was set to undergo a major transformation with the advent of autonomous vehicles (AVs), also referred to as driverless cars. Yet many questions remained open regarding exactly how and when that transformation would occur. This case lays out key issues to consider with respect to the marketplace penetration of AVs, delineates several predictions for how things might play out and further describes the motivations and potential courses of action of the multiple stakeholders involved (firms, consumers, government).

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Meet Elie

BiographyA professor in the Marketing unit at Harvard Business School, Elie’s research specialises in new product strategies in technology-driven business environments, and in how digital technologies and social platforms are impacting how firms go to market.

Elie takes a particular interest in how companies integrate marketing input when formulating innovation strategy and in how they combine innovation with brand management efforts.

Elie has produced a wealth of case material over the last 15 years and released his first book in 2016, Innovation Equity: Assessing and Managing the Monetary Value of New Products and Services, which analyses an array of innovations and how they have performed in the marketplace.

Key quote

“I am always amazed by the depth of managerial and business insights gained when working on a case – insights that would be difficult to uncover through any other means. I am then amazed a second time when the case is taught and the students infuse arguments and analyses that I had not considered before.”

~ Elie Ofek


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