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Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2019/20

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No. 27 Bestselling Case Author 2019/20
Thales Texeira

Thales Teixeira


Thales's top bestselling cases

Cases Showrooming at Best Buy
Best Buy is a consumer electronics retailer with nearly 2,000 stores worldwide. In 2012, the rising popularity of price-matching apps for mobile phones made price differences between retailers transparent, online and offline. Shoppers' desire to test electronics first-hand before purchase drove them to use Best Buy stores as 'showrooms' to see new products and then search for better deals on their smartphones. This case examines how Best Buy contends with this and asks whether they can survive by permanently price-matching their online-only competitors, primarily Amazon, despite having higher costs.

Airbnb, Etsy, Uber: Acquiring the First Thousand Customers
By 2016, two-sided online platforms (or marketplaces) were pervasive among the highest growing internet startups around. Among the most notable two-sided platforms in terms of their tremendous early growth were Airbnb, Etsy and Uber. They offered short-term property rentals, handcrafted goods, and car rides, respectively. But how did these platforms acquire their first customers, at the time when they had so few providers? How exactly did they go about acquiring their first thousand customers?

Monetizing Insurance at Trōv
Trōv is a disruptive startup in the insurance space ('insurtech'). It allows consumers to simply turn on and turn off insurance for each of their possessions on a mobile app with the swipe of a finger. Consumers love the simple, on-demand, single-item coverage product. However, the cost to acquire customers for Trōv is significantly higher than the total expected contribution margins for the single item coverage insurance product that the company is known for. In light of this, what should the CEO of Trōv do with the product? How can Trōv monetize on-demand insurance?

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Meet Thales

BiographyThales is the co-founder of digital disruption consultancy Decoupling.co. Previously, he was the Lumry Family Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, where he taught for 10 years. There he has taught MBA, doctoral and executive-level courses in Marketing Models, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce. His two primary domains of research constitute Digital Disruption and The Economics of Attention. The latter explores how to capture, transact, measure and use consumer attention effectively to build brands cost effectively.

He has authored many cases and journal articles as well as having his research routinely featured in The NY Times, The Financial Times, ABC Nightly News, NBC News, Forbes, The New Yorker and The Guardian. He is one of the current judges of CNBC’s Disruptor 50 most innovative startups and has consulted or advised top executives of over 15 of the Fortune 100 companies.

Key quote

"In the process of writing HBS cases, I have since learned that customers disrupt markets, not startups."

~ Thales Teixeira


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