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Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors 2019/20

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No. 33 Bestselling Case Author 2019/20
Urs Mueller

Urs Mueller
Associate Professor of Practice Business Ethics
SDA Bocconi School of Management

Urs's top bestselling cases

Cases Anna Frisch at Aesch AG: Initiating Lateral Change
Anna Frisch has tried to initiate change at Aesch AG, a large global provider of medical devices for the health care industry. As marketing director, she has identified major shifts in German health care that demand that Aesch changes its ways of approaching customers. The short case study is set when Anna realizes the failure of her change initiative. The case discussion allows analysis and discussion of her various mistakes and is supported by a 6-minute video showing Anna reflecting on events.

Axel Springer and the Quest for the Boundaries of Corporate Responsibility
The case deals with the quest for boundaries of corporates' social and environmental responsibility. The publishing house Axel Springer AG serves as good example as the case poses the question where the responsibility of a company might start or end in a given context and what action it ought to take in this regard. It examines how much responsibility Axel Springer might have for its supply chain: how far and how deep down the supply chain does or should responsibility of a corporation reach? On what facts does this responsibility depend?

Motors for Munchao
The case study describes the joint venture negotiation between Mr Hartmut Holgebretsen, vice president of sales at Euroland Motors, in the English-speaking country of Norland (in North-West Europe), and Mr Wu Chang, deputy president at Munchao Motors Import (MMI) in the country of Munchao (East Asia). The case serves as information for a negotiation exercise which, alongside two supplements, encourages discussion on (a) business issues, (b) cross-cultural issues, and (c) ethical issues. This leads the students to realize the interrelatedness of these three dimensions and the fact that the involved parties can negotiate on all three levels.

Meet Urs

BiographyUrs joined SDA Bocconi School of Management as Associate Professor of Practice in the Knowledge group “Strategy & Entrepreneurship” in 2019. He is also an Affiliate Program Director at ESMT Berlin where he served as Program Director for ESMT Berlin’s flagship open enrolment “Executive Transition Program” for more than 10 years. He also teaches ethics courses for several other business schools from Brazil via Portugal, Hungary, Greece to China.

He has directed and taught in numerous executive education programmes for customers such as Airbus, Axel Springer, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom and McDonald's. He has served as a tutor for The Case Centre on teaching and writing workshops since 2014.

Urs’ teaching and research activities focus on business ethics and corporate social responsibility. In particular he is interested in how managers in real life do and/or should take decisions with moral dimensions. He is a passionate advocate of the case method and is a bestselling and award-winning case author. His commitment to case teaching was recognised earlier this year when he won The Case Centre's Outstanding Case Teacher competition.

Key quote

"At a graduation event an Executive MBA student said to me: ‘You are evil: 
Your cases don’t have solutions and we couldn’t just google for what the 
organisations did in order to make smart 
comments in class.’ And if that is evil - I will take that as as the biggest
 possible compliment for my case writing.” 

~ Urs Mueller


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