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We’re pleased to announce that Disruptive Change is the chosen topic for our 2017/18 Outstanding Case Writer: Hot Topic competition.

The topic

We are looking for cases that address issues such as digitalisation, humanitarianism, geo-politics, and the new connection/interface and gig economies. Your entry must include a teaching note.

Prize and recognition

£1,150 ($1,400; €1,300) and a special trophy. We also announce the result to leading business press worldwide and invite the winner to feature on our website and in our newsletter, which is sent to 50,000 global subscribers. See our previous winners

Who can enter?

You must be a business teacher to enter this competition. Cases can be written by a team of two or more authors. Students and research assistants can be part of your writing team, but a faculty member must lead the team.

What is required?

Your case must be relevant to the hot topic. It can be based on field research, published sources or generalised experience. You can submit a single case or case series.

Your case or case series must:

  • be in English
  • clearly identify a protagonist and supporting actors
  • articulate an issue, decision, problem or opportunity
  • be a maximum of 5,000 words in total, excluding exhibits (you can submit an abridged version of your case if it is over 5,000 words)
  • include a teaching note (no word limit)
  • have been completed after 1 April 2016
  • have been tested in the classroom
  • be submitted to The Case Centre should it win its category.

The 2017/18 competition closed on 12 October 2017. The 2018/19 competition will open on 5 March 2018.


The 2017/18 Outstanding Case Writer: Hot Topic competition will by judged by a panel of internationally renowned case method experts.

Please do not contact any of the judges about your competition entry as you may be disqualified.

Find out what the judges are looking for

Key dates

1 March 2017 Competition opens
12 October 2017 Submission deadline
February/March 2018 Winner announced
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