The Case Centre writing competitions: judging criteria

The case accounts for 70% of the overall weighting and the teaching note 30%.

Cases must:

  • clearly identify a protagonist and supporting actors
  • articulate an issue, decision, problem or opportunity
  • be topical and relevant to current management education issues
  • be relevant to the hot topic if entering the Outstanding Case Writer: Hot Topic competition
  • deliver an engaging and interesting learning experience in the classroom
  • support the teaching objectives and theoretical concepts stated in the teaching note (this also applies to exhibits, annexes and supplementary items)
  • include a teaching note.

Teaching notes must include:

  • a summary of the case
  • the teaching objectives and target audience
  • a suggested teaching approach and strategy
  • analysis of the issues set out in the case
  • additional readings or references
  • feedback on how the case worked in the classroom.
Download guidance on these elements


The presentation of cases and teaching notes will be judged on the following areas:
  • quality of English
  • readability
  • clarity of format and structure.

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