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2005 EFMD Case Writing Competition winners

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European categories

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sponsored by Instituto de Empresa
The TPG-WFP Partnership Series; Learning how to Dance; Looking for a Partner

Luk van Wassenhove, Rolando Tomasini and Ramina Samii 
Ref 704-041-1, 704-042-1


Sponsored by EM Lyon 
Arpège: Creative Dining in Paris
Jean-Claude Larréché and Ruth Lewis, INSEAD
Zohra Jan Mamod, StartX 

Managing Risk

Sponsored by Toulouse Business School, Groupe ESC Toulouse
Allied Irish Banks: The Currency Derivatives Fiasco

Vivek Gupta
ICMR Center for Management Research
Ref 104-071-1


Sponsored by ESIC
Tetra Pak Case Series

Kamran Kashani and Janet Shaner
Ref IMD-5-0604, IMD-5-0605, IMD-5-0606, IMD-5-0607

Supply Chain Management

Sponsored by ISLI - Institute for Supply Chain Excellence - Bordeaux Business School
Katoen Natie (KTN) enters Asia

Charlotte Butler, INSEAD 
Dirk Van den Berghe, California State University East Bay
Ref 306-105-1

Corporate category

Corporate Coaching

Sponsored by EFMD
No prize was awarded for this category

Special categories

eLearning for Management Education

Sponsored by Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning
No prize was awarded for this category

Emerging Chinese Global Competitors

Sponsored by EFMD
Wendy Simpson in China (A) and (B)

Rebecca Chung and William Fischer
Ref IMD-3-1572, IMD-3-1573

Euro-Mediterranean Managerial Practices and Issues

Sponsored by Euro-Med Marseille, Ecole de Management
No prize was awarded for this category

Managerial Issues in Transitory Economies

Sponsored by CFVG - French Vietnamese Center for Management
The Wiphold Case Series

Benoît F. Leleux, Hischam El-Agamy and Mope Ogunsulire
Ref IMD-1-0220, IMD-1-0221, IMD-1-0222, IMD-1-0223 

Public Sector Innovations

Sponsored by Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM)
Greg Dyke: Taking the Helm at the BBC (Series) 

Peter Killing and Tracey Keys
Ref IMD-3-1353, IMD-3-1354, IMD-3-1441

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