2010 EFMD Case Writing Competition winners

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Indian Management Issues and Opportunities

Sponsored by Emerald
Anand Kumar Jaiswal and Harit Palan
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Ref MAR0415

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sponsored by IE Business School
Agility: A Global Logistics Company and Local Humanitarian Partner
Luk Van Wassenhove, Margaret Hanson and Rolando Tomasini
Ref 709-009-1


Sponsored by E M Lyon
JMC Soundboard: Crossing the Sound Barrier
Benoit Leleux and Laure le Hardy de Beaulieu
Ref IMD-3-2091

Finance and Banking

Sponsored by Toulouse Business School - Groupe ESC Toulouse
Hyflux Ltd: Progressive Project Financing
Pierre Hillion and Jean Wee
Ref 111-006-1

Supply Chain Management

Sponsored by BEM Bordeaux - ISLI Global Supply Chain Management
The Yogyakarta Earthquake: IFRC's Experiences with the Regionalized Supply Chain
Aline Gatignon, Luk Van Wassenhove and Aurélie Charles
Ref 611-002-1

Euro - Mediterranean Managerial Practices and Issues

Sponsored by Euromed Management
Novartis, Commercial Strategy for Success
Claire Bastien and Teresa Serra
IE Business School
Ref 514-096-1

Family Business

Sponsored by International Family Enterprise Research Academy and The Family Business Network
The Mercks of Darmstadt Series
Benoit Leleux and Anne-Catrin Glemser
Ref IMD-3-2136

Emerging Chinese Global Competitors

Sponsored by EFMD
Shanghai Automotive and Ssangyong Motor: A Tale of Two Dragons (A), (B) & (C)
Leiping Xu, CEIBS and Steven White, Tsinghua University
Refs 309-020-1, 309-021-1 and 311-055-1

African Business Cases

Sponsored by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
M-PESA (Kenya): Mobile Financial Services for the Financially Excluded in Society
Tawfik Jelassi and Stephanie Ludwig
ENPC School of International Management
Ref 911-012-1

Responsible Leadership (Double winners)

Sponsored by EFMD
Corruption at Siemens (A) & (B)
Stewart Hamilton and Anna Eckardt
Ref IMD-1-0278

Veragua Rainforest: Bio Innovation & Responsible Leadership
Andrey M. Elizondo Solano and Juan Carlos Barahona
INCAE Business School
Ref 711-027-1

Public Sector Innovations

Sponsored by Sprott School of Business, Carleton University
Management Principles and the Washington, DC Public Schools (A): Choosing a Chancellor
Management Principles and the Washington, DC Public Schools (B): Race to the Top
Leigh Hafrey and Cate Reavis
MIT Sloan School of Management
Refs 10-100 and 10-101

Inclusive Business Models

Sponsored by United Nations Development Programme, Growing Inclusive Market Initiatives
Fabio Rosa "Bridging the Electricity Divide in Brazil"
Vivek Gupta and Harish Aytha
IBS Center for Management Research
Ref 810-013-1

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